A Personal Message about Global Warming

Last night I took my girlfriend and her aunt to see Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth. To say that it was moving doesn’t do it justice.

I have known for some time that Global Warming is a reality. I grew up in the Colorado mountains and I spent my youth hiking and fishing the high country. I remember years as a teenager when the snow fields at 13,000 feet and above didn’t melt when high mountain lakes would freeze over during July nights. I also remember going to Junior and Senior High School in Gunnison, Colorado and experiencing winter temperatures of -20, -30, even -45 degrees and hearing on the evening news that Gunnison was the coldest spot in the nation.

Over the last 15 years I have watched those events disappear replaced by longer summers where high mountain snow fields melt in June and lakes not only don’t freeze but dry up altogether. Gunnison hasn’t seen a bitter cold winter since the late 1980s.

So for me Global Warming has been a personally observed reality. But I didn’t know the scope of the reality until I saw Al Gore’s movie. The situation is worse than I feared and much worse than most people consider. The current administration is using propaganda tactics to obscure the truth and make it easy for average citizens to ignore the reality that Global Warming is here and it is having a tremendous impact on our planet.

Key Points:

  1. There is no disagreement among scientists about the reality of global warming. Reviews of the available published scientific documents shows that not one – not a single one – paper disagrees with the assertion that Global Warming is happening and that we are seeing the effects right now.
  2. The Earth is hotter than it has been in over 400 years!
  3. The current level of Green House Gas emissions has exceeded historic cyclical levels by so much it is statistically impossible to mistake this as a part of any natural cycle.
  4. The polar ice – the earth’s natural climate conditioner – is melting. According to NASA space imagery the Polar Ice cap has shrunk by more than 20% since 1979. At the current rate of melt the Arctic ocean could be ice free by 2050.
  5. The Antarctic Ice Sheet is losing 36 cubic miles of ice per year.
  6. The ten hottest year on record have occurred in the last 1 years with the hottest being 2005.
  7. Global Climate changes have resulted in enormous long-lived drought in some regions and, paradoxically, season after season of unparalleled flooding in others. More frequent and much stronger storms are happening – look at Katrina in the US and Emily in the Yucatan and along the Gulf as only two examples. Animal migratory patterns are shifting as a result of the earlier onset of spring and the later onset of winter.

These are only a few of the most glaring examples of the impact that Global Warming is having on our planet right now – TODAY. There are many more and Al Gore does a fantastic job of presenting the truth. I strongly encourage you to go and see this movie then tell your friends, your family, your co-workers and anyone you interact with. As Mr. Gore says in the close of the movie, “There is no doubt we can solve this problem. In fact, we have a moral obligation to do so. Small changes to your daily routine can add up to big differences in helping to stop global warming. The time to come together to solve this problem is now.”


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