My name is James Sweet and I am a professional Project Management consultant with over 12 years of experience helping organizations reform, revitalize and revolutionize thier Project Management processes.

As lofty – and perhpas crazy – as it sounds my goal is to fundamentally change the way American companies manage projects and, as a result, bring jobs and dollars back inside the companies and to the shareholders.

Professional Experience


Independent Consultant (Various Clients)

5/2001– Present

  • As contract Product/Project Manager responsible for defining features and functionality for full suite of 7 Individual End User products for NewsGator Technologies. Lead the redesign of the corporate marketing site and industry leading web-based RSS aggregation application with over 175,000 users which was received with overwhelmingly positive acclaim in the blogosphere and industry. Developed long-term product roadmaps.
  • Assisted a vendor of Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Software in the implementation of an adaptable, agile software development methodology resulting in increased product quality, release predictability and customer focused functionality delivery. Developed Product Management strategy and assisted in recruitment, hiring and installation of Director of Product Management.
  • Worked with a provider of hospital workload automation software to improve their Software Implementation Methodology reducing deployment time from 72 days to 34 resulting in increased margins and revenues. Produced and provided training in basic project management skills.
  • Consulted with SBC communications Principal Technical Architecture group to manage consolidation of SBC and ATT systems post merger. Additionally managed a team of consultants developing strategies and processes for the deployment of ‘Fiber To The Node’ – the company’s primary initiative for 2005/2006.
  • Consulted with Great West Life as Custom Software Development Project Manager. Lead a team of eight developers, three testers, and two business analysts in the design and development of a mutual fund trading system. Managed to a budget of $2.5M over 16 months.
  • Consulted with First Data Corporation as Custom Software Development Project Manager. Managed a team of six mainframe programmers, five Java developers, four testers and two business analysts in the design and development of the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System and Customer Portal solution on a very aggressive schedule. Managed to a $1.8M budget over 14 months. Introduced the notion of iterative/agile development practices.
  • Consulted with two Hospitals to identify portal providers, perform vendor analysis and act as project manager for both custom development and customizations. Managed teams of contract and vendor resources. Managed to $750K budgets and rigid 8 month timelines.
  • Consulted with largest private travel company in North America as Custom Software Development Project Manager in development of a custom Travel Management Portal including technical analysis and feasibility of extension over wireless protocols to variety of devices. Managed a team of four developers, one tester and one business analyst within a $450K budget over 8 months.
  • Worked with two health care organizations to identify areas of improvement within Project Management organization and make recommendations to executive sponsors re: how to make immediate, mid-term and long-term improvements. Provided critical Product Management services defining features and function.
  • Consulted with supplier of Medical Practice Management software to improve development operations by implementing PM methodologies (Extreme Programming, SCRUM, RUP) as well as hiring, training practices for PMs throughout organization.



Encoda Systems, Inc. Implementation Project Manager

  • Selected to recover second largest client who was preparing to sue organization. Actively listened to client, researched and analyzed complaints and established key cross-departmental relationships to resolve problems.
  • Lead customer implementation efforts for enterprise Broadcast Automation systems for customers like Echostar, Fox and DirecTV
  • Functioned as Process Champion throughout organization extolling the benefits of improved process on product quality, more accurate timelines, increased customer satisfaction. Helped to train other project managers as well as members of other lines of business.
  • Act as engineer, customer advocate, and diplomat
  • Worked with sales to analyze existing process and recommend improvements in process to establish effective, realistic bidding processes speeding sales cycles – utilized Interrelationship Diagrams and Prioritization matrices.
  • Achieved balance between business needs, development desires and time-to-market realities.
  • Developed Software Development processes including Configuration Management, Lifecycle definition, Release Planning, Test methods and Maintenance planning using RUP, Agile and other inputs to create custom development process for rapid Object Oriented development.
  • Created “team culture” with marketing, product development, professional services, operations.
  • Signed-off on Product Requirements Documents, Release Plans, Test Plans, Software Requirement Specifications, Configuration Management plans and Hand-offs.
  • Identified and recommending new business opportunities and markets for current and potential customers, vendors and partners.


Solutions Squared IT Project / Solutions Manager

  • Implemented software solutions for various clients within Telecommunications, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing industries.
  • Provided Quality as Job One mission and vision for department.
  • Built positive working relationships with other departments to achieve goals.
  • Continuously evolved the development processes to deliver high quality products in timely manner within prescribed budgets.
  • Implemented solutions to support strategic vision, including contract negotiation and management.
  • Re-engineered business processes using Process Mapping techniques, flow charts, Check Sheets, Cause and Effect and Pareto alongside key process owners from business units resulting in increased efficiencies and the accommodation of new systems/technologies and the accompanying cultural shifts.
  • Acted as mediator between departments and stakeholders to calm the tide of emotion and desires in order to nail down requirements and create achievable objectives.
  • Performed resource planning, performance management, team enhancement.
  • Developed status reporting procedures for executive sponsor and stakeholder updates.
  • Produced, reviewed and signed off on statements of work, work breakdown structures, scope of work definitions, release plans, designs, PRDs, SRSs, hand-offs and others.
  • Managed distributed programmers to ensure rapid response to Severity One errors and the timely testing and delivery of program fixes.
  • Tasked with the creation and management of a $1.5 million sub-project to design and develop an Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentment system.




MCI Telecommunications Project Manager

  • Managed development of flagship OCIS (On-line Customer Information System).
  • Managed the Concept, Planning, and Execution phases of the $750K Intranet and Extranet product.
  • Established team culture with customers and other departments.
  • Developed process for User Acceptance/Quality Assurance department. Managed 11 employees in the user acceptance, system, and performance testing of all software.
  • Initiated and managed the implementation of the software development processes.
  • Developed status reporting procedures for executive sponsor and stakeholder updates.

Primerica Financial Services Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager

  • Analyzed current-state business processes, defined gaps, recommended solutions.
  • Presented finding/recommendations to COO and CEO on regular basis.
  • Provided project leadership in solutions implementations.
  • Negotiated contracts and proposals with third parties in support of corporate objectives.
  • Introduced project management concept to company and built associated processes.

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